What's the difference

User Experience (UX) vs. Customer Experience (CX)

User Experience (UX) deals with people interacting with your product and the experience they receive from that interaction. UX is measured with metrics like: success rate, error rate, abandonment rate, time to complete task, and (since we deal in digital) clicks to completion.

Customer Experience (CX), in contrast, encompasses all the interactions a person has with your brand. It might be measured in: overall experience, likelihood to continue use, and likelihood to recommend to others. In essence, UX is part of a broader CX, but CX contains some aspects outside of a product that UX does not.

User Experience (UX) vs. Customer Experience (CX)

Good digital UX gives a user/customer the ability to:

Find information on a website quickly and easily 91%
Complete a desired task with ease 88%
Search Web pages with ease 86%

Good CX gives a user/customer the ability to:

Feel generally positive about the overall experience with that organization/company and everything associated with it
Have a pleasant, professional, helpful interaction with organization/company representatives


For example: Bill does a Google search for a government service, and finds xyz.ca. He then navigates the site to search for the information he desires and finds it. He found the site easily because xyz.ca had good search engine optimization (SEO). He effortlessly navigated the headings and links, because the information infrastructure, readability, and taxonomy was well thought-out. Finally, Bill was able to go from entry to xyz.ca to completing the desired task (getting information) in three clicks over 45 seconds. These are all examples of Bill’s user experience with
But then, Bill had specific questions about how to complete a lengthy form, so he called the xyz agency contact center. After being on hold for more than 10 minutes, Bill connected with a contact center representative. The rep was unable to answer Bill’s questions about the form. It required escalation, additional time waiting for a response, and a call back from the rep. Bill finally got an answer to his question an hour later, completed his form, and submitted it electronically to the agency. The next day, Bill received another email message notifying him that his form was rejected due to incomplete information. Ultimately, Bill was likely going to have to call back with follow-up questions and request additional assistance.

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